Friday, November 27, 2009

One month has passed

One month has passed since our launch of open beta. We had more than 40 thousands registered users at private beta stage. But much bigger number of users accessed our site during one month. We're very happy to know that our new way of searches such as search by upload image and by drawing has been tried by many new users. Thank you for honest and constructive feedback.

Some features did not work at the commencement of open beta, but latest flickr photos with creative commons licenses are already searchable. Our plugin was public at Mozilla Adds-on
as well and downloadable here.

Nice search results have been listed here. It enables users to enjoy similar search without uploading images and drawing pictures.

It's regret that our iPhone app still requires ID and PW entry. We're in a process of eliminating this.

We experienced a great first step and hope users continuous support.