Saturday, July 31, 2010

Launch of GazoPa Style and GazoPa Answers

Two weeks have passed since our launch of GazoPa Style and GazoPa Answers. GazoPa Style is a visual product search site that enables you to browse and search for similar fashion items easily. We have received not a few inquiries from e-commerce companies since our launch of But we have not applied our technology to product images specially, so GazoPaStyle is our first step.

GazoPa Style allows you to upload images from your own personal computers and to use images on other sites found by uploading image URL or by their plug-in tool for searching similar products. Currently women’s clothing shown on eBay, Amazon and Etsy are searchable at GazoPa Style.

One of challenging points is to display photos from eBay and Amazon at the same time, because quality of these photos differ from each other. Some photos on eBay are taken by individuals and all photos on Amazon are taken by professional photographers. Displaying photo taken by individual next to professional photo may not always generate a good user experience. It may confuse users whether they can buy new products or used items on Style. We're studying how we can provide a nice user experience.

GazoPa Answers is a visual Q&A site that enables you to ask questions visually. Users of sent photos to us directly and asked us 'Who is this model?''Where is this?' 'What brand is this?'. Since is a search service, it requires users to look for answers by themselves, but users may not always reach to appropriate answers. So, we think it may help users if there is a site where users can ask visual questions. This is the story behind GazoPa Answers.

There are lots of Q&A services on the internet, but almost all accept questions by text rather than by image. Type of questions by image is different from that by text and we think GazoPa Answers can have a unique position in Q&A area.

Since we just started GazoPa Answers, there is not many Q&A on it. But the more data we have, the more fun and more useful it becomes.

These service are in Beta stage, so your feedback would be highly appreciated.