Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Tip of Shuffle Images

Some of old beta test users might have thought ‘’Where is ‘I’m searching for luck.’ button?’’ when they saw our new design recently released. Don’t worry. It’s not totally deleted and it’s live as ‘Shuffle’ link. You can see ‘Shuffle’ link after clicking ‘Tools’ tab at the top page. Click ‘Shuffle’ and images at our database are displayed randomly. Shuffle has the same feature with previous ‘I’m searching for luck’. Any kinds of images are shuffled at our database. Since we have more than 60 million images at our database and 30 images are displayed at one time, you can encounter same image one time per 2 million times theoretically. Doesn’t it sound like a fateful encounter? If you find an interesting image, just click it. Your trip inside various images will start.

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