Thursday, October 15, 2009

New design has been released.

We changed our design of our top page i.e. only search by upload image is shown as search way. Search by drawing, keyword search is come out when these tabs are clicked. These design changes comes from data of private beta that most of searches are from upload image. Some feedback mentioned it was not easy to grasp what they can do at our site at a glance, so this change will make search flow simpler than before.

Information about images such as original page, image URL, size etc are popped up when mouse is hovered on the image at results pages. Some users want to see images only rather than information about images. This enables users to see images easily at large.

News and Flickr category

News category is added as a filter. It allows you to search for images related to news. Flickr tab allows you to search for images that can be reusable. Images can be filtered in accordance with its creative commons licenses. We received not a few feedbacks that asked us to show if images can be reusable. This new filter makes image search more convenient.

Time Filter

Images can be filtered in accordance with times images are taken. This would be a useful option to search for images. Although we’re continuously crawling the web, our database had not been updated promptly. So this caused user not to find latest images at our site. We’re going to refresh our database one time per day at least in near future and you can find latest images after that. Filters within a day and within a week will be coming soon.

There is still a feedback saying our database is small. Yes, you are right. We have more than 60 million images on the web. This number is bigger as similar search in view of technology, but it’s small as general image search. The number of data we have is increasing, so please be patient.

Your feedback would be welcomed.

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