Friday, October 23, 2009

A Tip of Face Search

To search faces is one of use cases that people use image search. To search for famous actor’s faces, faces of people in the news and even your own faces in various kinds of social webs etc.

When you do search at GazoPa, whatever ways you take such as by uploading images, using images in news category, face search is not active at the first search. Search results are based on similarity of whole images rather than those by face search. So, if you want to do face search, you need to set ‘face’ as a search filter. After setting ‘face’ option, face search would be active.

If you upload an image with faces at the first time and search results may not satisfy you, please set ‘face’ option and try it again. You can get different results.

If you upload a photo that has your face and there are no results that have your faces, it might be that images that have your faces are not public. If you know websites that have images of your faces, it’s because we have not crawled websites that have your images. Please be patient until our database grows.

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