Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We’re selected in The Netxplorateur 100

I heard that we’re selected in The Netxplorateur 100. Ten companies are selected among these 100 and these companies can make a presentation at France senate. Unfortunately, we’re not the one that can go to Paris, but we’re happy to be among 100 companies. We have many users from France and they might have helped us to be selected. Thank you for your supports.

Did you receive an invitation from us?

I was informed that some users wondered when our invitation would be issued to them.I posted same entry about invitation process before, but I’d like to remind users again in order to avoid any inconveniences. Currently, our invitations are issued immediately after user’s entering of email address. If users don’t receive them by return, there may be several reasons. First one is a typo in email address. I’ve never imagined there’re so many users who mistype their own email address. If there is a typo in it, our invitation cannot reach users forever. Please re-enter your correct one and you can receive our invitation properly.

Second is that our invitation is filtered to user’s spam box. I don’t know why it happens, but please check your spam box if there is an email from us or not. Third is that some user’s email system require us to verify we’re not a spam. Secret words are required to enter. We follow their instruction as much as possible. If you still did not receive invitation, please don’t wait anymore. Send email to contact (@) We’ll re-issue you an invitation.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Release ‘Search for amazon’, but alpha version

We just released new feature ‘search for amazon’ that help you to look for desired items easily. Upload a photo that you want to search, similar products can be searched within amazon. It’s not so easy to describe what you want in words and it may takes time to find your favorites. Similar image search enables you to find such things. After we started our service in private beta last September, many shopping site approached us thinking GazoPa may become convenient tool for their customers. This ‘search for amazon’ is an example our technology is applied to shopping.

But I should admit that it lacks must-have features such as filtering by price, popularity and the number of searchable item is small. That’s why we label it ‘amazon alpha version’ on the tab. Please regard it as very early version of service and be patient. We’ll make it much convenient near future.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

This is the first New Year after we launched private beta. Thank you for all of your generous supports last year.We will release bunch of wonderful features such as ….. it’s regret that I cannot disclose them in detail. The first tiny one will be released next week during TechFarm of Red Herring Global 100 in San Diego. We’ll also participate in the WEB2.0 EXPO in San Francisco. I think new, fantastic feature can be released during the event.

Meanwhile, besides new features, we’ll review already released features and update them. As I mentioned before, we received many valuable suggestions from test users, but unfortunately, some feedbacks have not been realized yet due to tons of to-do lists.We’ll spend more time to improve current features so that users can enjoy them further.

Our GazoPa team will make every possible effort this year so that world can be changed better.