Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Release ‘Search for amazon’, but alpha version

We just released new feature ‘search for amazon’ that help you to look for desired items easily. Upload a photo that you want to search, similar products can be searched within amazon. It’s not so easy to describe what you want in words and it may takes time to find your favorites. Similar image search enables you to find such things. After we started our service in private beta last September, many shopping site approached us thinking GazoPa may become convenient tool for their customers. This ‘search for amazon’ is an example our technology is applied to shopping.

But I should admit that it lacks must-have features such as filtering by price, popularity and the number of searchable item is small. That’s why we label it ‘amazon alpha version’ on the tab. Please regard it as very early version of service and be patient. We’ll make it much convenient near future.

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