Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Tip of Combined Search, image plus keyword

GazoPa can search for images using image itself and does not reply on metadata. But it does not mean GazoPa ignores keyword search and keyword search is available as well. Keyword search is useful especially at filtering search results. If you upload an image and get search results, you can filter these search results by keyword. That means both image and keyword is used as search key. This is also a unique feature that GazoPa provides.

There are feedbacks that request us to have an option to filter a specific domain only. This would be a useful feature, but unfortunately, domain specific search is not available now, although it’s in our to-do list. Alternative way is to use combines search, image plus keyword. If you want to see images on after uploading an image, enter ‘amazon’ into keyword box. Images at amazon would be displayed. Try this combined search until domain specific search is available.

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