Thursday, September 24, 2009

Looking for iPhone Developer in project

We’re looking for an iPhone developer in project base. Our current iPhone app was selected as a winner of Best Infotainment & Community at Mobile Content 2009.

- In-depth knowledge and prior experience developing iPhone applications
- In-depth knowledge of Objective C
In-depth knowledge of Cocoa Touch
- In-depth knowledge of iPhone SDK
- In-depth knowledge of Interface Builder

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Project Term: three month duration

Hours: 10-15 hours/week

Please see this in detail.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Facebook app, GazoPa Drawing

We released a new Facebook app, GazoPa Drawing recently. This is the second app we released using Facebook platform. This app is a drawing game. Users can draw a picture based on a theme photo. When they finish drawings and upload them, score is displayed in accordance with similarity. Our image search engine is used to judge similarity between the theme and user’s drawings. There is a ranking feature and users are ranked with accumulated score in total.

How to use it in detail;

A photo from Flickr is shown as today’s theme. Users can choose it or select one among other six themes available within a week. Click any of photos as a theme and start drawing. Each theme has a limit of time such as three, ten, thirty and sixty minutes.After finishing drawing a picture, click ‘Finish’ and it is judged as similarity. There are three chances to draw a picture and users can publish a high score one to show other users.

Our first Facebook app is a kind of browsing tool for photos at Facebook. Our second app is more interactive and more fun. Enjoy it!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Winner of Best Infotainment & Community

I posted that ‘we have amazing news today, but it’ll be announced later’. Yes, our iPhone app was selected as a winner of Best Infotainment & Community at Mobile Content 2009! We are very glad to hear this news about our iPhone app that was released last April.

An iPhone is an ideal tool for our application. It’s easy and intuitive way for users to take photos and draw pictures on iPhone. Many images are easily found at our iPhone app. Right now, users can only search for images at our application, but it has a possibility that will change the way of search in future. So, we’re very glad that the Judging Committee of Mobile Content 2009 gave us this award. We think they have evaluated the potential of our app in future search.

If you have not tried our iPhone app, please download it at iTunes.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Memorable Day

We started our private beta at TechCrunch50 on the same day of the last year. One year has passed since then. More than 35,000 people from all over the world participated in our test and we received valuable feedbacks from them. We checked all and replied to most of users, although we have not met some requests. Thank you very much for your support.

We released Facebook application and iPhone application during a year. We’ll release a new facebook application that will be categorized in a game soon. We hope this new application can attract new users who do not know our image search engine before.

When will GazoPa be public? The open beta will be announced at TechCrunch50 next week? We received not a few inquiries about our timing of open beta. If we could announce the commencement of open beta at TechCrunch50, it would become a memorable event for us this year as well. But regretfully, a business is not as picturesque as a drama in Broadway. There’re lots of to-do lists in front of us and we’ll not move forward to open beta next week.

We’re planning a huge design change in a top page and result pages. We’ll switch to new design in near future, so your feedback would be highly appreciated. We’re also planning to release a couple of nice services within this year. And one more, we have an amazing news today, but it’ll be announced later.

Please stay tuned.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Looking for Ruby on Rails Web Developer in project

We finally found an experienced designing company after checking over hundredapplications. Thank you for having an interest in our project.

Meanwhile, we’re still looking for a Ruby on Rails developer in project base.

- Three years experience developing web applications

- One year of applied Ruby on Rails experience is required.

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Project Term: a two month duration (with the possibility of an extension)

Hours: 10-15 hours/week

Please see this in detail.