Friday, September 11, 2009

Winner of Best Infotainment & Community

I posted that ‘we have amazing news today, but it’ll be announced later’. Yes, our iPhone app was selected as a winner of Best Infotainment & Community at Mobile Content 2009! We are very glad to hear this news about our iPhone app that was released last April.

An iPhone is an ideal tool for our application. It’s easy and intuitive way for users to take photos and draw pictures on iPhone. Many images are easily found at our iPhone app. Right now, users can only search for images at our application, but it has a possibility that will change the way of search in future. So, we’re very glad that the Judging Committee of Mobile Content 2009 gave us this award. We think they have evaluated the potential of our app in future search.

If you have not tried our iPhone app, please download it at iTunes.

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