Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Facebook app, GazoPa Drawing

We released a new Facebook app, GazoPa Drawing recently. This is the second app we released using Facebook platform. This app is a drawing game. Users can draw a picture based on a theme photo. When they finish drawings and upload them, score is displayed in accordance with similarity. Our image search engine is used to judge similarity between the theme and user’s drawings. There is a ranking feature and users are ranked with accumulated score in total.

How to use it in detail;

A photo from Flickr is shown as today’s theme. Users can choose it or select one among other six themes available within a week. Click any of photos as a theme and start drawing. Each theme has a limit of time such as three, ten, thirty and sixty minutes.After finishing drawing a picture, click ‘Finish’ and it is judged as similarity. There are three chances to draw a picture and users can publish a high score one to show other users.

Our first Facebook app is a kind of browsing tool for photos at Facebook. Our second app is more interactive and more fun. Enjoy it!

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