Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yes, you can do image plus keyword search

We received some questions that ‘Hey, you guys, can I use keyword to filter results after using an image? ’ Of course, you can! To search for images by using image and drawing is a unique feature of our image search, but some results may not include users’ desired images and keyword could be a useful search option. Keyword box is located at the right side of search results page. Enter keywords and images are filtered by image plus keyword.

Yes, keyword box is actually located at the right side of image query area. But users still asked us whether image plus keyword search is available. This is an eye-opening feedback from users. This means current user interface may not be an intuitive one andwe need to review it to make UI more natural and useful.

Search by image plus keyword is a new type of search and users may not get accustomed to it yet. If so, it’s a matter of time and less and less question about search by image plus keyword would reach us. But there is also possibility that current UI may not be intuitive. We’ll continuously review it based on feedback from users.