Saturday, November 7, 2009

Media Coverage

New Fashion Search Engine Useful for Clothing Manufacturers and Buyers Jan20, 2011
Gazopa Adds Stock Photos To Image Search Engine
Search Engine Land Jan18, 2011
A New Way to Search Stock Photos by GazoPa
My Stock Photography Jan17, 2011
"GazoPa" Silicon Valley Interview with Hitachi
Bruin TV Nov, 2010
Using images, rather than words, when searching to buy
internetRETAILER Aug25, 2010
The 5 Most Advanced Search Engines On The Web June22, 2010
Gazopa – search for images by similarity or keywords Mar12, 2010
Gazopa: A Search Engine To Find Similar Images on the Web
Techie Buzz Jan19, 2010
Similar image search engine GazoPa – The most fun I’ve had in a long time… Jan19, 2010
How to Perform Better Image Searches with GazoPa
MakeTechEasier Nov26, 2009
Find Similar Images with GazoPa (Beta)
ResourceShelf Nov19, 2009
GazoPa: Similar Image Search Engine
digitalbuzz Nov15, 2009
Cool Websites and Tools Nov10, 2009
Want to find your doppelganger? Hitachi's similar image search engine is now open to the public.
GazoPa (in Chinese)
Computer Play (in Chinese) Nov7, 2009
GazoPa il motore di ricerca per comparare immagini (in Italian)
WIRED IT Nov6, 2009
Interview with Gazopa Personnel
The Storage Muse Nov5, 2009
GazoPa (in Thai)
CBIZ Review Oct30, 2009
Google’s At It Again: Releases Diluted Challenger to GazoPa
Marketing Pilgrim Oct28, 2009
GazoPa: Search Images By Similarity
Searching Similar Images Gazopa Launched Video Review
GazoPa Finds Images Similar to Uploads, Links, or Drawings
lifehacker Oct27, 2009
Similar Image Search Engine GazoPa Opens to Public Beta Testing Oct27, 2009
Gazopa Similar Image Search Enters Open Beta
Search Engine Journal Oct27, 2009
Similar Image Search Engine Gazopa Enters Open Beta
Wasingtonpost Oct27, 2009
Similar Image Search Engine Gazopa Enters Open Beta
TechCrunch Oct27, 2009
Want to search for your look-alike?
VentureBeat Apr14, 2009
12 Promising New Web Sites and Services
PCWorld Sep12, 2008
TC50: Gazopa Searches for Images Similar To Other Images
TechCrunch Sep10, 2008

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