Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tweet with GazoPa Win an iPod touch!

: This campaign is finished. See detail of results here.

Thank you for your access to gazopa.com that has been released open beta on Oct27. In order to celebrate our open beta, we decided to give users an opportunity to win an iPod touch. It’s very simple. Tweet the reason why you do similar image search or tweet your nice and funny search results. Nice tweets will be retweeted at @GazoPa and best one will win iPod touch! You can tweet as many times as you want. The number of ReTweet would be one of criteria for selection, but it’s not the only one criterion. Make sure all your tweets contain @Gazopa iPod.

There's two ways to enter:

1. Come up with your unique and creative phrase.

I do similar image search b'coz ........ @GazoPa iPod
I do similar image search when ........ @GazoPa iPod 

For example,
I do similar image search b'coz I want to find similar products @GazoPa iPod
I do similar image search when I want to find image for my blog @GazoPa iPod 

2. Tweet your nice and funny search results.

(New)Search by your drawing : Visit GazoPa site. Sign in before starting drawing a picture. Upload your drawing and click 'publish'. Click 'post to Twitter' and your search results by your drawing is published to Twitter.

For example (Search by Drawing),
Wow, http://www.gazopa.com/s/MKifHeDF8sjT

Visit GazoPa site and do similar search. There's a 'post to Twitter' link at the right side of search query. Click it and post your nice and funny search results to Twitter.

For example (Search by image),
Wow, check it out! http://www.gazopa.com/s/LtpvhsowF45r @GazoPa iPod

Tweet your nice phrase and search results by Nov15 24:00 Pacific Standard Time and get an iPod touch 32GB!
Wait for your great tweet!

Update : 23:45 PST Nov4. Now you can publish search results by your drawing to Twitter. Please sign in before starting drawing a picture. Draw a picture and upload it. Click 'Publish' and 'post to Twitter'. Your search results by drawing is published. Try search by Drawing!
: (Important) You can post search results to your Twitter account when your search query is an image from our database. When uploaded image and your drawing is a search query, search results that posted to your twitter account would not be visible from others.

We really love this video. Do you need a feature to post your search results by your drawing to your Twitter account?

Update : (Tips) You can select your search query from our database at random. Click 'Tools' at the top page and click 'Shuffle'. Images would be displayed at random and you can choose your query from these images.


Anonymous said...

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