Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why do you search for images?

According to ComScore/TechCrunch, the number of unique visitors to Google image search is nearly half of ones to Google web search. This figure may be more than you expected. Why do users search for images? Some users have objectives such as looking for publishing material, getting inspiration for making art works and getting to know people’s faces that are much talked about etc. Some users search for images for fun such as knowing latest news, looking for cute images and seeing beautiful places.

Albert Mehrabian’s research mentions that non-verbal elements are very important for face to face communication. Words accounts for just 7% of message delivering and visual information makes much bigger role at communication. This is the study for face to face communication and not for web communication. But I think importance of visual information is also same at web. It’s pleasure that GazoPa can help users to find visual information. Again, why do you search for images?

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