Thursday, October 2, 2008

Is GazoPa s start-up?

The answer is NO, but partially YES. We’re venture project inside Hitachi, and are not the company Hitachi invested in. But the spirit of our team is that of start-up. As you may know, Hitachi’s mainstream is in the field of infrastructure such as power plant, train, and also other major field is system integration of big enterprise such as bank, global conglomerate etc. Hitachi is also known as a manufacturer of consumer electronics and plasma TV. But since web service is not a main stream and this field is very new for our company, our team can be regarded as venture project. Our team is full of venture spirit and struggle to survive at outside the company either inside. Also in search field, there is a giant company whose name also starts from ‘G’. Don’t you think all projects in search field can be regarded as challenging one?

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