Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Web service from Japan

It is regret that WEB2.0 Tokyo was canceled due to cancelation of some speakers. It might be due to finance crisis in USA. As you may know, there are some characteristics in Japanese web market. Yahoo Japan dominates search market and Japanese origin mixi is the No.1 SNS provider rather than MySpace and facebook. Mobile phone is so sophisticated and it is called ‘Galápagos’ i.e. since its market is very unique and isolated, it is not easy to penetrate into other markets.

It is said that almost all web services in Japan come from USA. But I don’t think Japanese has no originality in web service. Japanese market is big enough for start-up and there are also language barrier. These are reasons why presences of Japanese companies are not so clear. But at TechCrunch50, 3 companies from Japan made presentation at its stage, although no companies participated in it last year. GazoPa is one of the honored teams who made presentation. I think world become more wonderful if many companies from different origin provide web services.

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