Monday, October 6, 2008

Thank you for your feedback.

We launched our private beta service on Sep10 at TechCrunch50 in San Francisco. Since then, not a few test participants gave us their feedback. The ratio of feedback users is more than 1%. Since I have never compared this figure with those of other websites, I don’t know if it is high or low. But based on research by e frontier, click through rate of Google search Ads is around 2% and that of Yahoo is around 1%. Feedback users not only click our search buttons but also they spent their time for making a comment to us. So, I think our feedback rate is very good.

Honestly, some feedbacks make us very sad, but some encourages us much. One thing I want to emphasize is that we read all feedbacks and are doing our best to improve our service, although sometimes it takes time to solve what feedback mentioned.

We appreciate any feedbacks from you.


arvid said...

Hello! I signed up to use your searchservice, because it sounded fun and good. The problem is that when I had the invitation-mail, pressed the link, typed in my wanted password, I couldn't press Register. Therefor, I refreshed the page, and than it said "Sorry, this request seems invalid. Please try again..."

I can't use the link again, and I don't want to wait, if I can avoid it. My email is arvidskarrie at

GazoPa said...

Hello arvid, I'm sorry for giving you trouble. I already followed up your case.