Monday, November 10, 2008

GazoPa is two month old!

Two months have passed since we launched GazoPa in private beta. Almost all the bugs have fixed but unfortunately, there are still some failures at user registrations process. (If you can’t register successfully, please contact contact (at) Some suggestions from users have not been realized. One of the biggest changes from launch is the feature we released last week, i.e. rating of search by drawing.’ Shuffle and recommendation were also features that were released after launch. Some changes are not easy to be found by users, because those are not changes of UI. One of the examples are tuning up of image features. You can get better search results by this change.

I have been asked by not a few users when GazoPa would be open to public. How many months does it take for new projects from private beta to open to public on average? Some are a few months and some are more than one year. It seems new search engines have longer stealth period than other categories. Since we are in the category of search engine, more than one year is required for private beta theoretically. Just kidding.

Actually, we plan to release some wonderful and important features by the end of this year. We also need to increase searchable data. Please wait for a while patiently.

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