Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Every day GazoPa

Which web services do you use every day? Google is my daily search engine and I also use YouTube, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn not every day but often. Former TechCrunch writer, Mr.Duncan Riley wrote he used Evernote, Things, Skitch, Plaxo, LinkedIn, Twitter, Grooveshark. I have used some, but not all of them. We use some web services everyday because of fun, time saving, killing time etc. Although technology is developing and new services are generated every day, unfortunately, our time remains unchanged. If we share our time with new service, we need to shorten our time for using other services or stop using them. Some people may cut sleeping time in order to enjoy them. We want GazoPa to be a daily tool for everybody. This is why we released ‘Ranking of search by drawing’ last week. We’d like to release new features continuously so that users touch it every day.

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