Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Facebook Application ‘GazoPa book’

Photos uploaded to facebook exceed 10 billion recently. We released new feature to enjoy these photos. GazoPa book is a new application for facebook to help you to look for photos on the web similar to those at facebook. Photos at user profile and albums can be set as key image to search for similar images on the web. Images similar to photos at your friend ‘s albums can be also searched. This is a first step for us to release an application for facebook and not all features of GazoPa can be available at the application. We don’t think it has reached perfect level, so we’re waiting for your feedback.This application has not registered at application list of facebook yet, so you can’t search it from search box of facebook, but you can see the application page and sign in here.

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marshall said...

Another facebook applications I learned from this post. Interesting to use, will sure gonna check this out! Thanks! :)