Monday, April 6, 2009

GazoPa for iPhone

GazoPa for iPhone is available at iTunes App Store, so you can use GazoPa at PC and iPhone as well. We were asked by many people if there was a mobile application at AltSearchEngines Day 2 and Web2.0 Expo last week. It’s regret that we couldn’t release it there.

I think iPhone is an ideal channel for GazoPa because of its camera and touch screen. It’s very convenient for users to do image search just after they take photos. Take a photo and upload it for search, it’s a continuous flow. Since the number of images that we have in our database is a part of images on the web, it has not achieved the level to tell what the uploaded image is. But even now we can say what it looks like and what it can be. I think this can change behaviors of people about search. Meanwhile, touch screen allows users to draw something whenever they want. It can become a convenient canvas for users.

GazoPa for iPhone is here and video is here.

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