Tuesday, December 23, 2008

GazoPa Book Video

Here is a video for GazoPa Book, our facebook app. As you can see in the video, GazoPa Book focuses on browsing photos inside facebook rather than searching specific photos. You can browse photos inside facebook based on similarity. Photos are connected each other with similarity and you can browse them one after another like taking a walk inside photos. I believe this is a very unique way to browse photos inside facebook, because there was no choice for users to search photos besides searching by keyword.

There is no search by upload, search by drawing at GazoPa Book, although these features are very popular at GazoPa.com. So GazoPa Book is not suitable to search for a specific photo. But I think GazoPa Book can be acceptable by users who like to wander on the web in order to encounter nice photos. Honestly, we like this app and we spend quite a few time to wander the sea of photos. The heaviest user of this app may be the GazoPa team.

Yes, not a few users want to search for a specific photos inside facebook, so please give us your feedback about our GazoPa Book.

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